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At RE/MAX Metro Atlanta, our goal is to provide the highest level of support to our agents, not just as professionals, but as people.†

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"As a veteran Realtor, 39+ years and counting, Iíve had a number of Brokers. For many of those years I really didnít need my Broker. Life was simpler. However the Real Estate industry has become more and more complex; the business of selling real estate litigious. You need to be totally up to date on our changing rules & regulations, contract language; you have to convey, or not convey, with strength and dignity in every transaction. Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge is no excuse Ė we are not just sales persons Ė our liabilities are huge.

Mark Jones is the very best Broker Iíve ever had. Impeccable communication skills Ė strength with a smile. Sharp minded, constantly educating his agents, heís on top of each and every nuance of our business. For someone who never had to ďuseĒ her Broker I now have fantastic support, someone who has my back, like never before. I trust in his legal knowledge explicitly, I always get the right advice when faced with a possible problem transaction. When I need it, I get enthusiasm and encouragement. Mark is amazing.

Itís possible you might think Iím getting paid for this endorsement. Well in a way I do get paid Ė I get to work in a real estate environment that makes me my very best. Thatís the difference Mark Jones, the best Broker in my career, has made on my business."
Julie Sadlier